Scientific Name:
Raukaua anomalus (Hook.) A.D.Mitch., Frodin & Heads, New Zealand J. Bot. 35: 312 (1997)
  • Panax anomalus Hook., London J. Bot. 2: 422, t. 12 (1843) – as anomalum
  • Pseudopanax anomalus (Hook.) K.Koch, Wochenschr. Gärtnerei Pflanzenk. 2: 366 (1859) – as anomalum
  • Nothopanax anomalus (Hook.) Seem., J. Bot. 4: 296 (1866) – as anomalum
  • Neopanax anomalus (Hook.) Allan, Fl. New Zealand 1, 433 (1961) – as anomalum
  • Pseudopanax anomalus (Hook.) Philipson, New Zealand J. Bot. 3: 338 (1965) nom. illeg. – as anomalum
  • = Panax microphyllus Colenso, Trans. & Proc. New Zealand Inst. 16: 328 (1883 [1884]) – as microphylla
  • Panax anomalus var. microphyllus (Colenso) Kirk, Stud. Fl. New Zealand 218 (1899) – as Panax anomalum var. microphyllum

Shrub with densely divaricating branches, up to c. 3 m. tall; branchlets setose. Lvs of juveniles 3-foliolate; petioles winged, up to c. 2 cm. long; lflts articulate at base of lamina. Lvs of adults unifoliolate, often a few trifoliolate lvs present; petiole c. 5 mm. long, lamina c. 1–2 × 1–1·5 cm., obovate-oblong to suborbicular, subcoriac., crenate to sinuate, crenatures often mucronate. Umbels simple, axillary, 2–10-fld, on short peduncles; fls minute, greenish; calyx minutely 5-toothed. Ovary 2-loculed, 2-ovuled, style-branches 2, finally recurved. Fr. c. 4–5 mm. diam., compressed.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1 as Neopanax anomalus (Hook.) Allan]

Indigenous (Endemic)
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