Scientific Name:
Entelea arborescens R.Br., Bot. Mag. t. 2480 (1824)
  • = Apeiba australis A.Rich., Essai Fl. Nouv.-Zél., 301, t. 34 (1832)
Vernacular Name(s):
Hauama; Houama; Whau; Whauama; Whauma

Shrub or canopy tree up to c. 6 m. tall; trunk up to 25 cm. diam., wood-weight very light. Branchlets, lvs, petioles, infl. densely clad in soft whitish branched hairs; bark grey; lf-scars ± oval. Lvs alt. on petioles up to 2 dm. long, us. less; stipules linear-acuminate, ± persistent. Lamina (5)–10–15–(25) × 5–10–15–(20) cm., obliquely very broad-ovate, abruptly acuminate, cordate at base, doubly crenate-serrate, sts obscurely lobed, 5–7-subpalmately lobed. Sepals acuminate; petals white, crumpled, (3)–4–5. Ovary hispid, 5–7-celled, capsule ± 2 cm. diam., subglobose, invested with rather rigid hairs c. 15–25 mm. long.

[From: Allan (1961) Flora of New Zealand. Volume 1.]

Indigenous (Endemic)

Fruiting: Sep.–Jan.

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