Abbreviations and Latin terms

Abbreviation   Meaning
aff. with affinities to, but possibly not the species named
AK herbarium of the Auckland Museum
ca. approximately (circa)
cf. compare with, possibly the species named
CHR Allan Herbarium, Landcare Research
com. sent by
et al. and others (et alia)
fasc. fascicle
fide according to
fo. forma
ft foot or feet
g grams
herb. herbarium
ibid. in the same place
kg kilogram
km kilometres
leg. collected by (legare)
loc. locality
loc. cit. in the place already mentioned
mag. magnification
m metres
mm millimetres
Mt Mount
Mtn Mountain
Mtns Mountains
n/2n gametic chromosome count determined at meiosis/somatic chromosome count determined at mitosis
no. number (numero)
nom. cons. conserved name
nom. illeg. illegitimate name
nom. nov. new name for an illegitimate name
nom. nud. a bare name, published without accompanying protologue
nom. rej. rejected name
non not
n.v. non vidi, not seen by the authors
p. page
pp. pages
p.p. in part (pro parte)
pers. comm. personal communication
pl. plate
R. river
Ra. range
sect. section
SEM scanning electron microscope
sens. lat. in the broad sense (sensu lato)
sens. str. in the narrow sense (senso stricto)
sensu in the sense of
s. n. without a collection number (sine numero)
sp. species (singular)
spp. species (plural)
sub under the name of
subfam. subfamily
subg. subgenus
subsp. subspecies
μm microns
V. Valley
var. variety
vs. versus
WELT herbarium of Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa


Symbol   Meaning
± more or less, somewhat
× times (as in "2.5× the stem width")
> greater than
< less than
equal to or greater than
equal to or less than
= the name that follows is a heterotypic synonym of the preceding name
the name that follows is a homotypic synonym of the preceding name
! seen by the author(s)